Great Experience! Got great shots of our baby girl at 31 weeks!

Theresa H

We drove over 40miles to the Troy location. We were greeted nicely by the receptionist then taken back to the room for our ultrasound. The bed was big and comfy they had a bunch of seating and even toys for children. Overall great experience


It so amazing to see u little person in 4d. The ultrasound tech was awesome. She got my little guy to move his hand from his face which he does every ultrasound. Lol.

Lindsy C

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our experience at Baby Envision. The young lady who did our ultrasound was exceptional. She had us laughing and made us very comfortable the entire time. From the moment I walked in the door I was warmly greeted and felt totally comfortable. I would recommend this to anyone and would definitely do it again!

Kristina S
Excellent Experience

We were pleased with the overall experience. Scheduling was easy, the staff were professional and nice, and the location was clean. We were happy to see the ultrasound was visible on a big TV, not just the ultrasound machine. The appointment was very quick (maybe 20 minutes) but we really enjoyed it. Only negative was that our baby was hiding its face and we were offered to come back at another date to try again-but if we got worse images the next time, the current images would no longer be availble. Otherwise a lovely experience and I would recommend this service to others.

Ginelle M
good experience

I have gone here twice now, once for the early gender reveal and again at 29 weeks to get good pictures of my son’s face. (He looked a lil alien like the first time because it was so early). I had a great experience both times, the staff is very friendly and I love that family members can come to see it too. Would definately recommend them to anyone who wants a 3D/4D ultrasound experience.

Melissa M
Great Experience!

I was 32 weeks when I went to get my 4D ultrasound. I loved the quality and the pictures we got. Baby was the only one being a little difficult at first but in the end I got some great pictures and a good video! Thank You baby envision

Johnette M
I highly recommend Baby envision

I had an amazing experience getting my ultrasound, as did my husband. This was a great chance for us to bond with our daughter before her birth. The friendly staff and excellent quality of the photos really made this a wonderful and special experience for us. Thank you Baby Envision!

Katie P
***** I loved it!

What a great experience we had! The ultrasound tech was so nice and we loved our time watching our lil man! Thanks again and definitely will recommend you guys!

Marissa W
5 stars!

Loved them

Melissa B

I was researching a place for a full 3d/4d ultrasound package. Came across this place and they had a great special going at the time. My husband and I both enjoyed seeing our little bundle moving around. The staff was very nice and polite. Highly recommend

Jennifer W
Excellent Job

The whole experience was awesome! Our girl was being stubborn and kept her hands in front of her face, but the tech was still able to get pictures! Our family was so excited to see our little one! Staff was super friendly and we were in to our appointment on time! We will definitely come back if we end up having more children.

Jessica F
Very happy!

I have been here a few times combined with both my pregnancies and I have had an amazing experience everytime!

Love this place!

My husband and I loved Envision and would definitely recommend it to a friend! The staff is friendly, the office is clean, and the ultrasound technologist talked us through what we were seeing and correctly identified our little girl! We also love that Envision offers a free “sneak peak” to follow up and do another sonogram to double check those gender bits. So happy with the quality and the pricing!

Kate F
Great Experience

29 week 3d/4d scan went well. Our sweet baby girl was not cooperating, as she had both feet and both hands in front of her face th entire time!! The sonographer did go the extra mile to try to get baby to move and we appreciate that! She ended up getting a few good images and we were happy with that,as we understand completely that there are factors that can limit good images! But again..the sonographer was very nice and really made every effort to try to get some good pictures!This is not our first time at Baby Envision, every scan has been a good experience and has been fun for my husband and I to see our little sweetheart!

Crystal H
great experience

My husband and I had a wonderful experience at baby envision! The tech was so nice and explained everything so well and was able to tell us the gender right away! If we plan to have more children I will definitely go back and have it done again!

Great Experience
Robin D

I am so happy I experienced such a cool ultrasound. The tech was friendly, and kind. I felt like I was their only patient! Went for the early gender 4d scan and we have a baby boy :) ! Also got a heartbeat animal which he will forever have as a keepsake! Thank you Baby Envision for an amazing experience!

A must see experience!
Tayler M

Pregnancy brain got the best of me and I accidentally showed up on the wrong day. We live an hour away from the Troy location, so the ultrasound tech was able to squeeze us in despite the mix up. We were very appreciative and the pictures of our baby turned out amazing!

Amazing Experience, Great Staff!
Ashley D

My baby didn’t cooperate but we get to go back for a retake. Staff was nice and helpful! Office was clean and comfy!

Eden B

We visited the Okemos location and it was amazing. The office was warm and inviting. The receptionist answered any and all questions we had regarding add-ons. Once in the room, the sonographer was patient and very informative. She told us everything that was going to happen. Once we got to the gender portion, she had everyone guess what it was prior to telling us and that was fun and engaging. She explained parts of the body, head, arm, leg, foot, when they were being viewed. I would HIGHLY recommend this place to ANYONE.


This is our 4th time using Baby Envision with 2 pregnancies and we have always been taken care of wonderfully. Great staff, great office and the experience is like no other.

Taryn Z

Such a nice and friendly place. Would recommend them to everyone. So relaxing and just the best experience. Very pleased with everything they did.

Jennifer L

Everything was perfect. Staff was super friendly and the facility was very clean! Would definitely rate a five star. We also found out we’re having a baby boy!

Brandy K

Everything about our visit was amazing. From the receptionist to the tech. Everyone was so friendly and the atmosphere was very peaceful. Our little one was extra stubborn, and the tech took the extra time with us, so we wouldn’t have to leave without knowing the gender. Great experience all around.

Emily W

I loved going here. The lady who conducted my ultrasound was amazing and so nice to me. Thank you for the great service :)

Jacqueline P

I went for an early gender ultrasound and everything came out great. The tech was very nice and was able to find the gender even though my babies legs were crossed!

Ashley P

LOVE this place. I really have no idea how there are bad reviews. When I first got there I was greeted nicely and my appt was at 6:05 I was seen at 6:13 and to me it was not a big deal whatsoever but the woman doing my ultrasound apologized for the wait and I assured her it was no wait at all. The setting was very calming as there was a huge bed to be comfy and even couches for family. There was a nice big screen so I could see my baby perfectly. At first my baby was covering his face and she had me turn to the side to get a better viewing. She was very patient and absolutely nice and wonderful. After we were finished she asked if I wanted to come back for retakes or if I wanted to keep the photos she’d taken. Over all I had a pleasant experience

Cassie L

The first day I went my daughter was not ready to reveal herself. They kindly scheduled me to come in again and try once more to capture images of her. It was a very pleasant experience and I highly recommended Baby Envision. My son, husband, and mother-in-law enjoyed the experience as well.


I was so pleased with my visit. The ultrasound tech was really nice and super patient with my stubborn baby that didn’t want to put her hands down.

Shae B

I was extremely pleased as my child likes to hide her face but the lady had me turn on my side and was able to get pictures of her sweet face! Everything went smooth and my appointment was right on time!

Rachael D

Our experience with baby envision was absolutely wonderful. The staff members were very friendly and made us feel very at home while getting to see our little girl for the first time together. ❤ We are hoping to make it out to okemos for one last visit before she makes her arival. Would recommend baby envision to anyone looking to get a more personal experience seeing their little one!

Natash G

I loved everything, the only thing I would change is being able to hear the heart beat on my cd. That was important to me and I didn't get it from my doctor or your office.

Jody – Okemos

Loved it, love my baby pictures!

Oriel B

the staff is really nice, you feel like at home

nice service

Everything about our visit was amazing. From the receptionist to the tech. Everyone was so friendly and the atmosphere was very peaceful. Our little one was extra stubborn, and the tech took the extra time with us, so we wouldn't have to leave without knowing the gender. Great experience all around.

Emily W

We were on the fence about doing a 3d/4d ultrasound, but we're so happy we did! Our ultrasound tech was great and we got beautiful photos of our little guy. I've been recommending Baby Envision to everyone!

Suzy – Troy
Such an amazing experience!

Was a great experience. Would definitely recommend!

Chantell D

Can't recommend this enough!! Wish I had done it with my first two babies. Unlike any cold hospital experience I've had before. Beautiful room. Toy box for my kids to play with in it as well as sofas for our family. The tech was kind and revealed two twin boys to us. Amazing!!!! I left with a DVD of the entire ultrasound and lots of photos. The price is ridiculously reasonable as well!! :)

Nicole R
Perfect Experience!

I had Sara and Rachel as I had to come back twice. They were both great. My husband and I were very pleased. Thank you!

Alissa – Troy

Very nice staff, very clean and comfortable.

Alisha – Brighton

Our early gender determination ultrasound was an incredible experience. The office accommodated our big family and made the appointment a special experience for all of us. The ultrasound room was absolutely beautiful and perfectly cozy. Our technician was kind, caring, and put us all at ease. I would highly recommend Baby Envision to all mamas-to-be and their families.

Anna – Troy

The experience from beginning to end was wonderful! That staff was so kind and the schedule even allowed us to go in earlier than our appointment time! We are thrilled to share the news about our baby girl. Thanks again!

Tiahna – Brighton

We went in for the early gender reveal at 15 weeks and the ultrasound tech was very nice and told us the sex of our baby and made our experience a great one. After I arrived home I was reading the packages and it said it included both 3d and 4d ultrasound which we didn’t have in our first appointment. I called the office and they scheduled a recheck appointment and when we got there they apologized for the inconvienience and did the 3d 4d ultrasound recheck for us at no extra charge. I was very surprised and very thankful for there hospitality. I wasn’t expecting that at all. Thank you all so much we got an amazing picture of our little boy and great memories from the Troy location! Will definetly telling my friends and family to go!

Alicia – Troy

We had an awesome experience at Baby Envision for an early 2D gender scan! It was so fun to find out what we’re having a month before my scheduled 20 week anatomy scan! Plus, the staff made it a very pleasant experience.

Angela – Brighton

Office staff and technician were very kind and pleasant!! Will definitely be back.

Nicole – Troy

My husband and I were so pleased with the overall experience. From the kind greeting we received from walking into the door, to the comfort of the ultrasound room, and finally the quality of the pictures of our baby we were very impressed. The staff was so professional and courteous. We would recommend this service to anyone!

Lindsey – Troy

Staff is so friendly and welcoming! Such a cute little place. Staff even let me Video chat my husband since he’s away. Got lots of Pictures taken of my baby girl! They made sure they were able to get good views of her and made them as clear of pictures she could. Definitely recommend them! :)

Katie – Brighton

I was very sastified with my experience. It was a very beautiful atmosphere. The ladies were super nice, the ultra sound room was very comfy and relaxing. The pictures turned out great, I was very pleased. Thank you Baby Envision! I will recommend you to all my family and friends.

Ayesha – Okemos

The whole experience was great from checking in to the actual scan. Both the receptionist and ultrasound tech were amazing and very personable!

Andrea – Troy

Such a great experience.

Justina – Troy

Great experience for our entire family the tech went above and beyond to make sure we felt comfortable. Finding out the gender of our baby was much more exciting thanks to Baby Envision Troy and the lovely staff.

Rayvon & Valencia – Troy

I just went for the early gender 2D package and it was amazing! I had a wonderful experience at the Okemos office. I would recommend Baby Envision to any expecting women/family. Thank you for doing what you do!

Michelle – Okemos

The office looked so cozy. The staff were so professional and made me feel very relaxed. The best experience ever, and I will for sure come back when I get pregnant again.

Sukaina – Troy

The staff was wonderful and we loved the chance to see our baby moving around! It was a neat experience!

Molly – Okemos

I loved the Ultrasound room. It was very cozy and had enough room to fit all of my loved ones comfortably. They played calming baby music, and the staff was great.

Mikayla – Okemos

Amazing experience. I will be recommending to everyone I know!

Sierra – Troy

Great place! Accommodates large groups very nicely and also younger children. Amazing, relaxing atmosphere

Ana – Troy

Heather went out of her way to keep an appointment because we had fam in from out of town. So appreciated thank you again!

Daniel – Troy

If you are looking to get a good look at your little one, do not hesitate to go with Baby Envision. The office was comfortable, as well as the staff where very nice and did everything they could to make our exsperience nothing less then amazing. My wife was only 18 weeks along, and the imagery was grade A. I will reccomend to everyone and anyone!!! 

Brian – Okemos
I am so glad that I had the 4D ultrasound done with Baby Envisions. Overall exsperience was awesome, I will be coming back for the next pregnancey!!!

After having a bad 3D ultrasound through my doctors office where we only got to see a fist, I HAD to make another appointment. They didn’t have the 3/4D ultrasounds out when I was pregnant with my daughter (over 10 years ago). There is something about trying for over 4 years to get pregnant and actually being pregnant for so long that a mommy just needs to see this baby that is moving around inside her all day. You need to see those fingers and toes and put a face to this growing baby inside you. This experience was by far worth every single penny. Between me, my husband and daughter we would go back 100 times over to have this experience. Everyone was so professional, so caring and so helpful. I am so happy we decided to do this here and I would recommend it to everyone!!!

Amber – Troy

Staff was nice and very caring. Ultrasound was a lot longer than I expected it would be. I was hesitate at first that I was going to be wasting money because of how early in pregnancy i was I didn’t think much would show especially not the gender. Gender was easily seen. Ultrasound room was nicer than some hotels. If I have enough money to spare I would love to come for a later scan and if I have anymore babies I will for sure do the early gender again. Was an awesome expierence and gift for the father to be.

Erica – Troy

I went in at 15 weeks for a 2D gender reveal. The staff was very nice, helpful, professional and confident! They made me feel relaxed and right at home. I loved their room setup as well. I returned at 19 weeks for a recheck and they were indeed right the first time about the gender! I have quite a few pictures on my fridge from the ultrasound. I would definitely recommend the Troy location! The staff is awesome!


This was my second visit (pregnancy) to the Troy location and just like the first time it was a wonderful experience! The receptionist is very friendly and helpful! I will be back for future baby ultrasounds!!

Emily – Troy

I’m a return client, I came here a little over 2 years ago when I was pregnant with my son and the experience was so great we came back recently to see our little girl!

The staff is absolutely amazing! I always refer my family and friends!

Kim B – Troy
Heather and staff are so incredibly sweet!

Very fun first time experience!

Heather – Troy

It was very exciting to see my little girl in 3D! The staff was warm and inviting, the room was cozy and it was an all around memorable experience for me, the grandparents and the father! Thank you Baby Envision for making this experience possible!

Alyssa – Brighton

What an incredible experience! Everything about our visit was phenomenal. The best part was being able to bring our toddler son to see his sister – memories that we will never forget. Thank you!!!

Brittany – Okemos

I am very impressed with the staff here. We had an issue with my photos copying over to the DVD during my first visit. They were very honest with me about the situation. They apologized about the long wait and gave me the option to come back for a repeat ultrasound free of charge. I was also given the option to pick up my first ultrasound’s photos when I came back otherwise they could mail them to me as soon as they were available. I was in no hurry so opted to just pick them up at my next appointment. I think the whole situation was a blessing in disguise. During my first appointment, my son had his hands over his face majority of the time and was being a bit camera shy. The photos from my second visit turned out amazing! My son was very cooperative this time around and even smiled and stuck his tongue out during the ultrasound. I’m very pleased with the service I received here and will definitely come back for my next pregnancy!

Jessica – Brighton

My ultrasound was technician was amazing! It’s not like the experience you have at the doctors office at all where you are left a little bit clueless. The tech at Baby Envision Troy walked me through everything she was looking at and everything that was going on and even was very patient about getting baby to move in order to find out gender! We had an overall wonderful experience !! Thank You!

Elizabeth – Troy

My sister and I are both pregnant with our first babies and we surprised my mom with 4D ultrasounds for her birthday. We were able to bring our whole family into the room to view the ultrasound on a large screen and sit in comfortable chairs. The technician was very sweet and professional- she made our experience comfortable and fun. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I scheduled the appointment, but the experience was wonderful and exceeded my expectations!

Erika – Okemos
The staff were excellent! We loved our experience and it exceeded our expectations!

The staff here was so amazing, the are friendly and committed to ensuring you leave happy and satisfied with your ultrasound. I will gladly recommend this place to anyone

Stacy – Brighton

We had an amazing experience. We were visiting my husband’s side of the family from Florida and chose to do our gender reveal up there so they could share the moment. The office and staff were so welcoming to my nieces, my nephew and my toddler too. Friendliest front desk staff ever and the toys in both rooms were very much appreciated. Thank you!

Marybess – Brighton

Coming there for the reveal of my baby’s sex was by far the best moment in my pregnancy I’m so excited to be having a boy just what I wanted the staff was perfect the facility was perfect I can’t wait to return for my stuffed animal and another ultrasound. It was AWESOME!!!

Andrea – Troy

I went to Baby Envision at 16 weeks. The staff was so kind and welcoming, the bed was really comfortable and I was amazed by how good the pictures and video turned out. We could clearly see we are having a little girl! Our family adores watching the video. It’s as if everyone gets to experience the ultrasound even if they weren’t present. I recommend this to every expecting mother I know. This is much more personal than a diagnostic ultrasound. We’ll treasure it forever. We plan to return when baby grows bigger. Thank you so much.

Melanie – Okemos

Great experience! Loved the staff, very professional! Cozy environment, seemed like I was in my own home

Stella – Troy

I had a wonderful experience at Baby Envision View Within 4D in Troy. Due to some reviews I read, I was apprehensive initially. I am glad I did not let those reviews keep me from visiting. The office and bathroom is very clean. The staff is very professional and friendly. The ultrasound rooms are exceptionally large, and the background music creates a very peaceful environment. At 17 weeks my tech was able to inform me that I am expecting a baby girl later this year. She was able to get a very decent “potty shot” and it was also one of the first things she told me. There is a fair amount of the 2D, 3D, and 4D equally shared in the session. The entire session is on DVD so I can watch my little one again and again each day. I plan on returning for facial portraits later in my pregnancy, and I would recommend this experience and facility to anyone I know.
Thank you, Baby Envision! Your services were life changing!

Milanna – Troy

The room was way more than expected! It really felt like home! This place is just beautiful and comfortable! The staff were super nice and did their job well!

Danielle – Troy

This session was night and day better than the first session. The technician explained everything she was doing, she had me do several things to try to get the baby’s face to a good position. She focused on other body parts during the downtimes when it was obvious the face wasn’t going to come in clear, we got great shots of the foot and hands. She flipped into 3D mode several times in an attempt for clear face pics. She was warm, friendly, and even adjusted slightly overtime to try to make a final attempt at the full face shot. She made the experience more about the experience and less about time limits, money or “just getting the job done”, which is now my first session felt.

Thank you for an improved experience that resulted in some cute pictures!

Holly – Brighton
Very nice staff and experienced, patient and kind technician. She worked hard to get the best pics possible and was enthusiastic about the experience. She explained every step so my family could understand everything that was going on. Will recommend!

Very cool experience. Room was cozy and relaxing. Lots of great images were captured. The package we purchased was worth everything we received.

Kelly – Brighton

I love the experience and thank you for making it a special day for us .

Jennifer – Troy
The best experience I ever had . I would recommend this to everyone I know .

The staff were very professional, sweet, and excited for us! We had an amazing experience and would definitely recommend them to anyone interested in seeing their little baby and/or finding out the gender!! Very knowledgeable and nice people!

Stephanie – Okemos
I was so pleased with my experience here! Thank you so much!!

Tech made me feel at ease and was patient and professional. Enjoyed the whole visits!

Chavita – Troy
Great ultrasound tech and front office!! Love the experience!!

Everybody in the office was extremely friendly. The building felt cozy and welcoming. Our baby decided not to cooperate very well but the girl was very thorough and made sure to get everything she could for us. We are very happy.

Taya – Troy

I can’t say enough how amazing our experience was! Heather and her whole staff were a delight!. Heather, I am beyond awe in your generosity. I can’t wait to see our baby at 27 weeks!

Jennifer – Troy

This was a great experience for my husband and I! This is our first baby and we were amazed with how awesome our sonographer was!

Pernishia – Troy

We decided to give this a try as it is our last baby. We were 29 weeks and the pictures were beautiful! It was an amazing experience that we will never forget. The environment was comfortable and calm and the staff was very friendly. We got the heartbeat recorded in a bear as well and feel it is one of the coolest most special things we own! Thank you for a great experience!

Jessica – Okemos

I would recommend this experience to anyone, I absolutely loved being able to see my baby on a large screen for so long, and in such a relaxed environment. I can’t wait to go back later in my pregnancy!

Mallory – Okemos

We had a great experience! So happy we chose to do this!

Kristy – Brighton

This is my second time visiting the brighton office. Everytime im here i feel the staff is just as excited to found out as i am!

Erin – Brighton

The ultrasound tech we had was awesome. She told us everything we were seeing and was very friendly and knowledgable.

Crystal – Okemos

Love your facilities, as well as your staff.

Brittany – Troy

The ultrasound tech is awesome! She always makes it such a wonderful experience (this was our second time there).

Helenia – Okemos

We had an amazing ultrasound! The gold package was worth the extra time! We have so many wonderful images of our baby! Everyone was super friendly! We recommend this location and service to anyone looking to have a 3D/4D ultrasound! Thank you for such a great experience.

Jennifer – Okemos

The tech did an absolutely fantastic job getting us great pictures! She was personable and seemed to love her job! I had felt dizzy and actually passed out during my visit, and she did a wonderful job keeping me calm and helping the situation! Great expierence over all and love the 3d pictures we got of our baby boy!

Whitney – Troy

Amazing experience! Definitely worth every penny. Such a clear picture and a great memory to keep!

Anna – Okemos

I had a great experience at memories in Brighton! It was so fun to be able to see our little girl. Thank you, it’s something we’ll never forget!

Mary – Brighton

It was a great experience from start to finish! The office is very clean and the staff was very friendly and professional. I love how they had the rooms set up, and were able to accommodate a larger group if need be. I also loved how there was a big screen TV set up at the wall of the foot of the bed so mom could see baby without having to turn and look at the machine itself. The package I purchased we received a few prints as well as a CD with the images and DVD. The DVD is to music, which is awesome. Overall a great experience, and we will go back with future pregnancies.

Megan – Okemos

I personally had a good experience. The staff was friendly and professional, the paperwork wasn’t lengthy, I wasn’t in the waiting room long before and after the appointment, and the overall experience was just a good one for me. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who may be expecting.

Simone – Okemos

The staff was very friendly and accommodating. I chose to purchase a heartbeat stuffed animal but their office was out of the animal I wanted (a lion for my Leo baby!). The receptionist offered to order me one so that I could get the animal i wanted. I was very happy. The rooms are very large and very cozy. Large enough for your whole family, but it was just my husband and I for our session. The tech was nice and polite, and tried to get the best views of our little guy. Even though he didn’t cooperate too well (he likes his hands and feet by his face), we were still able to get good pictures. It was a wonderful experience to be able to see our little man’s face.

Kristy – Brighton

I loved the person doing my ultrasound. She made it fun and exciting. Will be recommending to my sister in near future.

Thank you !!

Courtney – Brighton

The staff makes this unforgettable experience with your new baby enjoyable and exciting! Would definitely recommend to all my expecting mothers!

Regina – Troy
Staff was very pleasant and made the experience enjoyable.

I will recommend this office to every pregnant lady I know for the rest of time!

Stephanie – Okemos

Wonderful experience! The ultrasound tech and staff were great. I came back for a sneak peak because the cord was in the way at the origional session. Both the times were excellent. Got the gender at the sneak peak!! Atmosphere and rooms are great!! Would definately come back!

Heather – Troy
Very satisfied and happy with our experience here. Rooms are wonderful , cozy and clean. Very kid friendly ( I brought my toddler along) I loved the fireplace in the room! Staff are very professional and knowledgable.

Wonderful setting and staff. Would recommend for sure.

Corinne – Troy

The staff at Baby Envision in Brighton made my family and I feel welcome and comfortable. We will be returning for a 3D scan at 30 weeks!

Chelsea – Brighton

I loved everything about it very good people and nice place of business

Tiffany – Brighton

It was an amazing experience and the staff was very friendly and knowledgeable..

Misty – Okemos

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and the customer service I received.

Krystyn – Brighton

I think the price is reasonable I love the setting very comfortable and he definitely made me want to come back again so I will be back

Tiffany – Brighton

The staff at Baby Envision was amazing! They were super attentive, friendly and really worked hard to get pictures for both babies! I appreciated the extra effort. Great job!

Kyra – Brighton

Staff was wonderful! So nice and welcoming, including the ultrasound lady

Kaitlyn – Brighton

The staff was very nice, friendly and professional. It was a nice, clean welcoming building.

Kaitlyn – Brighton

This was an amazing experience I couldn’t of asked for anything better!

Kristen – Okemos

Awesome staff! We were very excited to be able to share our ultrasound with 9 of our family members and the staff treated everyone the same. Would highly recommend this office to friends and family. Also recommend the keepsake stuff animal with the babies heartbeat absolutely wonderful.
Keep up the amazing job ladies.

Barbara – Troy

My tech was so sweet and super nice. Very accommodating for my other two children as well! Thank you!!

Shauma – Troy

It was totally awesome to see our baby on the screen, made me cry. Everyone were too kind.

Cynthia – Troy

I felt very comfortable the entire time. I will be going back again later on to get the 4D to see my sweet baby girl’s face!

Courtney – Troy

I loved the experience I had at Baby Envision so much and so did the friends and family that came with. Staff was super nice and helpful!

Tianna – Troy

Have already told a few people about it… Most amazing thing ever. If I have more children I’ll for sure be back

Amber – Okemos

Absolutely loved the tech for being patient while baby had her hand in her face most of the time. I also loved the actual bed in the room with the fire place. :)

Melissa – Troy

Extremely professional. Comforting and serene environment. Will be back for my final 4D ultrasound!

Chiann – Okemos

I really enjoyed my experience with baby envision. Even thought we had to schedule retakes. I’m glad we did because the 2ND visit there was much better then the first! Not only did we get better pictures and results, the lady that did our ultrasound the 2ND time was so sweet and nice. She was extremely friendly and actually talked to us and made conversation with us unlike the first lady we had. I think she told us her name and that was it. It was much more pleasant when we had our retakes. That would be my only complaint. The receptionist was very nice too! I loved the charms and jewelry by the front desk. My sister and I bought two bracelets!

Stacy – Troy
Very pleasant and wonderful experience. Especially with the right ultrasound technician. Definitely would recommend Baby envision and would go again!

This was an amazing experience. Can’t wait to come back for 4D soon. Recommended it to alot of friends

Jamie – Okemos

I went in for an Early Gender reveal and couldn’t be happier to find out I am having a boy! Loved seeing him on the screen. Staff is very friendly and professional!

Tara – Troy

The staff was very polite and courteous. I was amazed by the comfortable private setting that was offered to take a glimpse at my baby. I enjoyed my visit and would recommend my friends to come to your facility.

Holly – Troy

We received a gift certificate to get our 4d ultra sound. We probably would not have purchased the package for ourselves as $140 for 20-25 minutes is a lot of money for the time. BUT– we had the greatest time seeing our little baby in 4d and really enjoyed the experience. Although we still think the price is on the high end, it was an incredible experience we will never forget.

Hannah – Brighton
Both ladies working were kind and helpful. They seemed to share in our excitement of seeing our baby. The facility was clean and we felt very comfortable being there. It was an incredible experience, one we would recommend to our friends.

We loved being able to see our sweet boys little face at 29 weeks! Such a great experience, we recommend babyenvision to anyone

Christina – Brighton

We had a very uncooperative little boy and our tech did everything she could to get a great picture. She was only able to get one so we were offered a “retake” session. However, her determination and abilities were great! Although I left a bit disappointed, it was at no fault of our tech at all. I was excited to get a glimpse of what our son looks like. We will try next week and if he still wants to be shy, we will just have to wait til his arrival:)

Ashleigh – Troy

Our baby girl was not very cooperative on our first visit and she was turned towards my back with both of her hands and feet covering her face. The ultrasound tech we had was wonderful and so patient and tried everything she could to get baby to move around. We came back the following week and had a different tech and she was just as kind and sweet. We were able to get some amazing images of our baby on that visit!

Tracy – Troy

My family went to the Okemos location to have a gender scan, and we had an amazing experience. The room was very comfortable, and the tech was very nice, friendly, and patient with us and our four young children. On top of the pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, we were thrilled to find out that, after four little girls, our family is adding a new little boy!

Korynn – Okemos

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